Miami Dolphins, state of Florida get clearance for full capacity stadiums amid pandemic: report


Full capacity stadiums could be back soon – at least in Florida.

According to Miami-based radio host Andy Slater, Governor Ron DeSantis has given the Dolphins and all Florida stadiums the clearance for full capacity, a spokesperson from the governor's office tells him.

For the Dolphins, that would mean 65,000 fans able to attend games. Slater noted that the Dolphins are expected to continue with their current plan of a maximum 13,000 fans for their next home game on Oct. 25.

"We'll continue to follow CDC guidelines and put everyone's safety first and monitor things as they go," Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel told ESPN's Cameron Wolf. "Right now, with positivity rates where they are, we feel that we can keep people safe in a socially distanced environment, which is our 13,000 capacity."

Should the Dolphins, Jaguars or Bucs decide to embrace the governor’s lax guidelines, it would make them the first teams and the NFL the first league to return to full capacity fans since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

It should also be noted that the Super Bowl is set to take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay on Feb. 7. 2021.

Several NFL teams, such as the Dolphins, have allowed a limited capacity amount of fans into its stadiums with social distancing and masks enforced.

Yet, a return to full-sized capacity crowds comes with significant risk for a virus with no vaccine and no foolproof treatment that has killed more than 200,000 Americans and has become a problem within the NFL itself.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Titans, Raiders and Patriots were all announced to have new positives on their teams – which may put their upcoming games this weekend in jeopardy, especially if more players test positive.

The Titans already have an outbreak on their team and were forced to reschedule last week’s game against the Steelers. If they cannot play this upcoming week against the Buffalo Bills there is a possibility they could be forced to forfeit.

The Patriots’ Stephon Gilmore tested positive after the team had played the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night – which was pushed back one day after New England quarterback Cam Newton tested positive, but the teams played the game anyway.

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