Dwyane Wade shaken after round of golf with Tiger prior to crash


NBA legend Dwyane Wade responded to the shocking car crash involving his friend Tiger Woods during an appearance on TNT's NBA pregame show on Tuesday night.

Wade, 39, had joined Woods for a round of golf on Monday at Rolling Hills Country Club outside Los Angeles, where Woods was in town for a series of promotional events and outings.

The legendary athletes appeared together in a series of photos and videos that surfaced on social media on Monday, which were then resurfaced in the wake of Tuesday's crash.

One such post from Wade's account used "Golf Heaven" as the location.

On Inside the NBA, Wade wished Woods a speedy recovery and said he was thankful to have hit the links with Tiger, who gave him a few pointers on the course.

“I had an unbelievable opportunity yesterday. .. I picked up the golf club, like many in the Black community, because of Tiger Woods. I got that opportunity yesterday to get out there. He taught me a few things -- hopefully it translates. But to be out there with the GOAT, in my eyes, in that sport. And to be able to talk to him about Sam and Charlie and his father. It was a great day."

Wade then revealed how he learned of Woods' scary mishap only after he'd published a post on social media earlier in the day.

“I woke up today so proud to be able to post that moment for the world to be able to get a little snippet of our moment together," Wade said. "I took a nap, and I woke up to the news.

"Just like everybody out there, my thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones because we were all shook at that moment, not knowing what happened with Tiger. So, just that my prayers go out to him and hopefully a speedy recovery for him. And hopefully he gets a chance to get back to doing what he loves to do. And that’s playing the game of golf. And I’m just thankful that he took the time to be able to teach me a few things about the game yesterday.”

Woods, 45, was hospitalized with fractures in his legs and ankles in the early-morning single-vehicle rollover incident. On Wednesday, it was reported he was awake, responsive and recovering from surgical procedures stemming from the crash.

Authorities were still trying to determine the cause of the wreck, but said they found no evidence Woods was impaired.