Michelle Wie rips Rudy Giuliani over creepy 'panties' remark


Golf star Michelle Wie slammed former New York City Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani for comments he made about Wie during a recent podcast appearance.

Wie, 31, took to social media on Friday to rip Giuliani after he recently made creepy remarks about her "panties" while he was recalling the time he played a round of golf with the 2014 US Open champion. The comments came on a podcast hosted by former Trump White House Adviser Steve Bannon.

"It's unsettling to hear of this highly inappropriate story shared on a podcast by a public figure referencing my 'panties' whilst playing in a charity pro-am," Wie said on Twitter.

"I shudder thinking that he was smiling to my face and complimenting me on my game while objectifying me and referencing my 'panties' behind my back all day."

Giuliani was appearing on the podcast to discuss the recent passing of polarizing conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh, who was part of the group with Giuliani and Wie.

Limbaugh was annoyed about a throng of photographers that was following the group around the course that day, according to Giuliani, who added that the "paparazzi" was there to see Wie's "panties."


"On the green is Michele Wie and she is getting ready to putt,'' Giuliani said. "Now, Michelle Wie is gorgeous. She's 6 feet, and she has a strange putting stance. She bends all the way over. And her panties show. And the press was going crazy. ... I said '[Rush], it's not me, it's not you.'"

The USGA, the game's top governing body in the US, voiced its support for Wie's statement on social media.

"Sexism has place in golf or life. We are always in your corner, @MichelleWieWest."

Wie, who has been on hiatus after giving birth to her first child last year, said adopting her famously awkward-looking stance helped her capture her first career major title -- and "was NOT an invitation to look up my skirt."

"What this person should have remembered from that day was the fact that I shot 64 and beat every male golfer in the field in leading our team to victory," she added.

Wie, a former phenom who was making national headlines as early as age 10, has five career wins to her credit, including the 2014 Open. The Hawaii native has been less active on the tour in recent years due to a series of injuries.