Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd on ‘Chasing After You,’ and chasing 1-year-old Hayes around the house

'It’s got that longing vibe to it and that’s what drew both of us'

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd joined RADIO.COM’s The Ride with Kimo and Heather not only to detail their newest steamy track “Chasing After You,” but also to share a look into their family life and tell us what they’re most looking forward to when performing live again.

Maren tells us that “Chasing After You” had been around for a while, but that the couple had been wanting to record it together since first discovering the lyrics. “Well, first of all, I think it’s just a beautiful song and it gets stuck in your head after one listen….it’s got that longing vibe to it and that’s what drew both of us I think,” explains Morris.

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When talking about the visual aspect that goes along with the song and how the record came to be, Hurd tells us that the couple had the idea for the track about four years ago. “Originally Maren said she wanted to be a part of it when we were in the Caymans, our first trip we ever took together, so... it’s a long time coming, but it feels really cool that people can finally hear it,” shares Ryan.

“The Bones” singer delves into what it was like to film such intimate moments with Hurd during the music video for “Chasing After You” and says, “we were definitely enjoying like milking the moment of it, but in between, we’re very like silly and self-deprecating.”

Aside from releasing new records and shooting music videos, the two Country artists are looking ahead to being able to tour again. When thinking about the first time she will be able to get back on stage and perform in front of a live audience, Maren remarks that she gets “choked-up” even thinking about the possibility. “It just seems so far away, and I know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now and like people are starting to book shows again, little by little… but the first thing I’m gonna do is probably just cry through the entire set,” laughs Morris.

The upside to not being able to perform live is that the two Country artists have been able to spend copious amounts of quality time with their almost one-year-old son, Hayes. Ryan tells us that he isn’t walking just yet, but he’s close. Maren adds, “he’s fast, we can’t look away because he is just across the room in a second now.”

Hayes is also just finding his words these days as well. He’s saying “mama” and “dada” but he doesn’t assign the names to either Ryan or Maren, explains the young mom. “He’s a babbler,” smiles Hurd. “I think he’s figuring out who is who,” muses Morris.

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