Classic Rock Almanac July 20, 2021

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Classic Rock Almanac


1965-Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" is released by Columbia records. It turns out to be his biggest hit ever, climbing to number two in the US and number four in the UK

1968-Iron Butterfly's classic album, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" entered Billboard's Hot 200 chart at #117. It was the band's second LP and contained the 17 minute title track that filled the entire second side of the disc. A shortened, single version of the song only made it to number 30, but the album climbed to number 4 and went on to sell over four million copies in the US alone. A remastered edition was released by Rhino Records in 1995 that contains the single version as well as a live version of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".

1979-E.L.O. takes out advertisements in several US magazines dedicating the release of "Don't Bring Me Down" to NASA's Skylab project.

1986-Santana celebrates their 20th anniversary at a concert in San Francisco that features a jam with all previous members of the band.

1999-The Rolling Stones reported a gross income of $337 million from almost two years of touring from their Bridges to Babylon and No Security tours. The Stones had played to over 5.6 million people, selling out all but 20 shows.

2009-Jackson Browne settled his lawsuit against US Senator John McCain and the Republican Party after his 1977 hit "Running On Empty" was used without permission in a 2008 McCain presidential campaign ad that aired on TV and the Internet. McCain and the Republican Party apologized for using the song in the ad and said that McCain himself "had no knowledge of, or involvement in, the creation or distribution of the video."

2011-Pictures of The Beatles' first US concert in Washington DC on February 11th, 1964, taken by a then 18-year-old Mike Mitchell, sold at Christie's auction house for $361,938. Security in those days was very casual and Mitchell was just feet from the band as he snapped the black and white photos which he stored for years in a box in his basement.

2016-Speaking at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, Elton John announced a $10 million fund that will lend medical and legal support to the African LGBT community. "I know that certain governments in Africa will not respond to someone like me telling them 'You should do this, you should do that'," said John. "I count for nothing as far as that goes. What I can do is ensure that people who are LGBT, if their clinics are closed down because they are LGBT, we can give them medicine. If they are arrested, we will get them legal aid."


1945-John Lodge
bass, vocals, with The Moody Blues

1947-Carlos Santana
rock guitarist.

1956-Paul Cook
drums, Sex Pistols

1964-Chris Cornell
musician, singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Soundgarden and as lead vocalist and songwriter for the group Audioslave. Cornell died May 17, 2017.