Classic Rock Almanac October 25, 2021

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Classic Rock Almanac


1964-When the teenagers in the audience kept screaming after The Rolling Stones finished their first song, Ed Sullivan was forced to shout "Quiet!" multiple times before he could introduce the next act. When the band closed the show with "Time Is On My Side", Sullivan exclaimed "Come on, let them hear it!", which caused such an uproar, Ed's short conversation with Mick Jagger was completely inaudible. Sullivan vowed that The Stones would never appear on his show again, but later relented.

1964-The British music industry honors The Beatles with five Ivor Novello Awards, including one for Most Outstanding Contribution To Music.

1970-Led Zeppelin's third album, "Led Zeppelin III" reached the top of the US album chart.

1982-An audiophile version of "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is released by Mobile Fidelity. 5000 albums are recorded in what is known as UHQR half speed. With a price tag of $50 apiece, they would sell out in two weeks. reported their sixth annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list. The top money maker was Kurt Cobain, followed by Elvis Presley. John Lennon was number four, Ray Charles was number eight, Johnny Cash was tenth, George Harrison was twelfth and Bob Marley was thirteenth.

2013-Fleetwood Mac called off 14 tour dates in Australia and New Zealand so that bassist John McVie could undergo cancer treatment.

2014-Jack Bruce, bassist for Cream passed away at the age of 71.

2016-Bob Dylan contacted the Swedish Academy in Stockholm and told secretary Sara Danius that he would be happy to accept his recent Nobel Prize for Literature.


1944-Jon Anderson
vocals, Warriors, Yes

1948-Glenn Tipton
Grammy Award-winning guitar player and songwriter from Judas Priest

1955-Matthias Jabs

1962-Chad Smith
drummer, Red Hot Chili Peppers

1963-John Leven