Let's Talk About Credit

One of the most important subjects that can never old especially in our community is your credit.
JPMorgan Chase
Photo credit Guy About Town

One of the most important subjects that can never old especially in our community is your credit. Did you know that 48% of African Americans have a low credit reporting scores. Also African Americans are more than likely to use cash over credit cards for everyday purposes Guy Lambert sits down with Mr. Brian Atkins, he is the Vice President and Community Manager for Washington D.C. based Chase.

Most people’s first introduction to credit is when they enter college when most parents send you off to school and hand you a credit card. Mr. Atkins explains that those that have no financial literacy about credit that is the easiest way to diminish your credit at an early age. Money is usually a topic that is forbidden in most African American households, so our friends at JPMorgan Chase are trying to get us to change that narrative by going into the communities with educational programs that teach financial literacy especially credit.

Mr. Brian Atkins has hosted over more than 50 financial workshops to get families talking in their own homes and community about how to build and fix the generational curse of credit issues. A lot of people will look at their credit score and sit with the fear that it is impossible to raise. It is very possible to bounce back from bad credit but you have to put your focus to it. Mr. Atkins explains that it is not an overnight process you have to be dedicated to making the change.

Did you also know that most credit cards allow you to add your children as authorized users? This will help build your child’s credit and begin to open the dialogue about financial literacy at home. If you need any assistance with rebuilding credit but don’t know where to start, reach out to JPMorgan Chase and get linked to a financial advisor today.

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