Talks with Todd with Todd B & JP Morgan Chase

This month is Women's History Month; Todd B sits down with JPMorgan Chase to talks about women & savings.
Talks with Todd
Photo credit Audacy Washington DC

It’s Women’s HER-STORY month and Todd B, sits down with our good friend Angie Royster from JPMorgan Chase to talk women and finances.

As we celebrate Women’s History month, there are still a lot of battles that women face when it comes to finances, gender pay gaps, business ownership, and debt relief. Women with a bachelor’s degree earn .84 to the $1 of every man with a bachelors degree. Also women are more than likely to leave to workforce to take care of family. With the lack of free time and the wage gap is all the more reason why women have to be smarter with investments and their financial future.

Angie explains 3 tips for women who want to consider investing. First make sure you review your budget, there are helpful internet tools you can use like the budget builder on Second, have 3 to 6 months of reserves in case of an emergency, and third is to pay down/pay off any of your highest interest debt.

A great place for women to start their investment and retirement journey is in retirement funds and 401K’s with your workplace. Ms. Royster says never be fearful of investing. 1 in 3rd women don’t invest because they don’t have the knowledge on where to start.

Websites like & are a great place to start, but if you need a more face to face approach, Chase offers free workshops and seminars on investing and financial literacy. We strive to a bank that can help you with it all.

Women its time to take the market, and not be afraid to by the wage gap, and lack of knowledge and experience with investing.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Audacy Washington DC