Adam Gase is a used car salesman; will be remembered as a loser

NY Jets head coach Adam Gase
Photo credit © Rich Barnes | 2019 Dec 29

Adam Gase is still the New York Jets head coach which means NY Daily News Jets Reporter Manish Mehta is full of content. 

Mehta has been one of the more outspoken critics of the former Miami Dolphins head coach, now 0-5 in his 2nd year as the leader of the Jets. 

If you don’t like Adam Gase, which several Dolphins fans don’t after a sour ending between the two, Mehta is the person you want to hear from for Gase criticism.  Here are just a few examples of what Mehta had to say about Adam Gase ahead of Sunday’s game between the Jets and Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium: 

“He is a malignant presence in the organization. If anyone knows that, it is Dolphins fans who saw that over the last three years.” 
“He is just a used car salesman - I guess that is just the best way to put it. He talks a big game, he talked his way into getting a second head coaching job. He is ill equipped to be a head coach. He was a failure in Miami. He is a failure to even a bigger degree in New York. And ultimately history is going to remember him - when it comes to coaching - as a loser.” 
“The players don’t respect Adam Gase … I can tell you with great certainty, that by and large, the people in that locker room do not respect this head coach.”  
“I’ve never been around a worse leader, professionally, than Adam Gase.” 

These are just a few quotes… listen to the full interview with Hoch and Crowder below to get a sense of just how poorly Manish Mehta thinks of Adam Gase. Enjoy Dolphins fans!