Cam Jordan's pitch to Aaron Rodgers: Come to Saints and 'pick out' a new head coach

By , WWL Radio Sports

Cam Jordan doesn't know who the next Saints head coach will be, and he doesn't expect to have any say in the decision. But he's still got a sales pitch for Aaron Rodgers.

After all, star quarterbacks tend to have a bit more clout in those conversations than the defensive ends of the world.

“I mean, I’ve heard he had some rifts with his last head coach," Jordan said on ESPN's Get Up. "So I’m just saying, maybe come pick one out.”

Jordan was speaking just shy of 2 days removed from Sean Payton's announcement that he'd be stepping down as Saints head coach after 16 seasons. The decision leaves the Saints in coaching limbo, with serious decisions to make on the future. They also have questions at the quarterback position. Jameis Winston is set to become a free agent, Taysom Hill ended the season with another significant injury, leaving a potential landing spot for a high-profile quarterback.

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Rodgers in his own right just completed another MVP-caliber campaign despite friction and uncertainty over his status in Green Bay heading into the 2021 season. The Packers also drafted quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 draft, possibly setting up a new home for the 38-year-old quarterback as he enters the final year of his current deal.

Rodgers has had his share of successes against the Saints, but the most recent memory would be the 38-3 beatdown to open the 2021 season, played in Jacksonville. s

“He gets Mrs. B … he gets Mickey [Loomis]. I’m not sure what kind of access top-tier quarterbacks get. I’m a defensive end. I just worry about hitting the next quarterback. But quarterbacks usually have a little more executive say than so said defensive players, so I’m just saying this could probably help us out in the long run.”

But even if he doesn't get a say, Jordan is confident that current defensive coordinator Dennis Allen has earned a chance at another head coaching job. Earlier in the season he joked that he wouldn't hype up his coach because he didn't want him to leave. Things are a bit different now that there's a coaching vacancy in New Orleans.

“That’s an executive decision I don’t think I’m going to have any say in," Jordan said. "But, you know we talk about Dennis Allen and what he’s been to us for our defense and of course he’s had some experience at head coach, albeit in Oakland. That’s been a tough organization to be a head coach for the last couple years. I think DA of course deserves a shot."