Dabo Swinney: Make sure Deshaun Watson is in Houston


(SportsRadio 610) -- If all goes as planned, the two best quarterbacks to play at Clemson will become division rivals after the Jacksonville Jaguars draft Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick.

That's as long as the Texans don't deviate from the plan, and inexplicably trade Deshaun Watson, an idea that's been thrown around given the franchise quarterback's frustration with how the front office is communicating and the general direction of the team.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney spoke with Payne and Pendergast ahead of Wednesday night's Paul "Bear" Bryant Awards, which benefits the American Heart Association.

When asked for advice on how the Texans should deal with Lawrence after the inevitable happens April 29, Swinney provided a simple answer.

"Keep Deshaun Watson in Houston," he said.

Swinney then praised both quarterbacks for their competitiveness, saying Lawrence-Watson is "a ticket you're going to want."

His advice to the Texans? Figure it out.

"Deshaun is incredibly loyal, incredibly committed, incredibly smart, incredibly passionate about winning," Swinney said. "The biggest thing is, he's the franchise. And he's such a great human being to go along with being a great quarterback. So I would think they are going to figure out who is going to be the coach and certainly I would think he's going to be involved in that, or at least communicated with.

"Because that relationship, there's nothing more important than that. To me, the owner, the quarterback, the head coach -- that alignment is critical. So, they'll get it right. I'm sure there's a lot of smart people involved and they'll all figure it out and come together, get some type of resolution to it and move forward."

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