Hoch and Crowder show reviews Tyler Herro’s New Breakfast Cereal

Hoch and Solana eat Herro’s Fruit Hoops on IG Live
Tyler Herro Fruit Hoops Breakfast Cereal
Tyler Herro Fruit Hoops Breakfast Cereal

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of cereal? Ubiquitous with breakfast, sugary cereal is a part of every kids childhood.

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro has broken into the cereal game and released his own box: Herro’s Fruit Hoops – a limited edition multi-colored fruit cereal, with proceeds benefiting the T. Herro foundation.

A few weeks ago, Hoch ordered boxes of the Fruit Hoops and they finally arrived Monday… so of course on Tuesday, Hoch and Solana tried and critiqued the Fruit Hoops live on Instagram!

The verdict? Watch the IG live below or listen to how the taste test sounded over the air.