Jazz Chisholm: 'A full season of Jazz Chisholm is an MVP year'


Jazz Chisholm Jr. sat down with Tobin and Leroy at the start of Marlins' Spring Training. The Marlins new centerfielder discussed his move to the outfield.

"I know I'm an All-Star infielder," Chisholm said. "I could stay in the infield and be an All Star, but I love challenges. One thing I know I can do is play baseball. Why not help the team? We have another shortstop in Joey Wendle. They were working hard to find a centerfielder and I told them I'll go out there and I'll be the best out there."

Chisholm doesn't think if the Marlins came to him about the move that he would have been open to it, but he added "I want to win."

He's been learning the ropes from former Marlins champion and centerfielder Juan Pierre and new assistant coach Jon Jay.

Chisolm closed out the interview letting Tobin and Leroy know: "A full season of Jazz Chisholm is an MVP year."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Tobin and Leroy