Pippen says The Last Dance was Jordan hyping career to 'make him more relevant in today's world'

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Scottie Pippen is unafraid of panning Michael Jordan for The Last Dance, and he’s reiterating his disdain for the production.

The widely-viewed documentary has resulted in years of Pippen slamming Jordan. The doc follows the 1997-98 Bulls as they sought a sixth title in eight seasons, with loads of firsthand accounts and behind the scenes footage.

It was a captivating series, allowing fans to see a side of Jordan that hadn't really been witnessed before. However, Pippen has railed against his former teammate for making it too much about himself.

Reflecting on the documentary this week on Stacey King’s Gimme the Hot Sauce, Pippen again jabbed at Jordan, saying it was a play to gain relevance.

“I didn’t really need the credit, but I felt it was definitely something that was more geared towards Michael and his perspective of how he saw the team, how he saw himself separate from the team," Pippen said. "I just thought it was really something to hype up his career to make him more relevant in today’s world. …

“(It’s been) pretty much 25 years since we won our last championship, so no one really remembers the Chicago Bulls – especially a lot of the kids that are now coming into the game. They weren’t even watching basketball, they were barely even born. So I felt like that was something he did to sort of bring himself back and really give this modern day era an opportunity to see what his playing was like in the NBA.”

It’s a leap to say Jordan needs to make himself relevant – even if players are less familiar with him because they didn’t grow up in the 90s. Clearly though, Pippen still is, at the very least, irked by the series.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Scottie Pippen