Jameela Jamil tells Keke Palmer her worst date included a medical emergency: Listen now

'We only had a three minute date before all of this happened!'
Jameela Jamil & Keke Palmer
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Fellow actresses, podcasters, and close friends Keke Palmer and Jameela Jamil sat down for a girl-talk-packed podcast, which included an unbelievably unfortunate date story for Jameela.

Listen Now: Dealing with (Really) Bad Dates and Internet Drama with Jameela Jamil - Baby, This is Keke Palmer

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Inspired by Jamil’s own podcast series called “Bad Dates,” the two friends kicked off Palmer’s podcast episode with the same exact theme. But, they first clarified that no stories apply to their current partners. “You've been in a committed relationship for so long, but if you can remember what, maybe you had bad dates with him, I don't know,” Palmer teased. “No, I've never had a bad date with James. We've been together like eight years. He’s amazing,” Jamil gushed about long term partner and musician James Blake.

But she continued, “I've had a few really bad dates. Okay, so there was this guy, he was an actor who I will never name as long as I live,” Jamil began, before Keke promptly interjected with a guess: “Leonardo DiCaprio.” The two laughed and poked fun at one another. “So yeah, so it was not Leonardo DiCaprio,” Jamil clarified and laughed. “It was a guy who came over, it was like 11PM. So it was obviously going to be like my first ever booty call.” The actress revealed that she’d only ever kissed six people, including current partner James Blake. Given it was her first week in Hollywood, she decided to join the dating scene, saying, “I was like ‘I’m in my 30s, I want to have booty calls. I want to have my ‘her’ era, you know? I'm ready.’ Because I'd never done that before.”

“And so I invited him around, it was 11PM,” she said, beginning her story. Though just as quickly as it started, Jamil’s ‘her’ era turned sour. “He walks in, he takes three steps into my apartment and just collapses face forward on the floor. Like collapses straight” she said between Palmer’s gasps. “Like no breaking of his forehead with his hands, just straight down. And all of his teeth come flying out of his mouth.” The actor ended up having a seizure, Jamil explained, due to a drug-on-medication interaction. At the time, she had never seen a seizure or interacted with any substances, making the entire situation absolutely baffling. “I didn't know anything. I don't even drink. So I was so dumbfounded by all of this, but this poor man now has to be carried out of my apartment in West Hollywood, where people are likely to recognize him!” before Palmer interjected, “And he's got no teeth!”

As horrible as that all sounds, Jamil says that, well, at least it ended. Eventually, the unnamed actor was attended to by EMTs as he was under the effect of the drug interaction. “He's carried out on a stretcher of my apartment… With a blanket over his **** and one over his face to protect his identity,” said Jamil, obviously still in disbelief, even joking. “We only had a three minute date before all of this happened.” As to the mystery man himself? Palmer was unsuccessful in guessing the actor, though Jamil hinted that, “the world continued to know him” after the incident.

If that story didn’t top it, Keke Palmer and Jameela Jamil gossiped on with terrible date stories, and even extended that theme to the internet itself. This is surely a podcast that, from its start to end, you don’t want to miss (even if Jameela wished she’d missed that date)!

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