CT, NY, NJ Might Ask Visitors to Self-Quarantine

COVID-19 trends 6/22/20
Photo credit covidexitstrategy.org

Two months ago today, COVID-19 hospitalizations in Connecticut peaked at almost 2,000. 

They're down to 140.

In looking to maintain that progress, Gov. Ned Lamont is working with New York and New Jersey on the possibility of ordering visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days.

He cites a spike in cases of the novel coronavirus outside the Northeast.

On states including Florida, Texas and Arizona, the governor said during a Monday news conference, "They've been open for a while, and people are relaxing their guard, and that's what we can't allow to happen."

"You've got states with a positivity rate of 10 (or) 15 percent," added Gov. Lamont, "and as I told you in Palm Beach, Miami, Phoenix, or Austin, really selectively, the infection rate's a lot higher."

Over the last week, Connecticut's positivity rate has been at 1.4% (source: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center).

"We want to make sure our infection rate stays down, based on the great work we've been doing here," said Chief of Staff Paul Mounds, "We want to make sure everyone stays safe."

The governor's office says an announcement on a Tri-State quarantine plan could come in the next few days.