BT: Jets need to fire Nathaniel Hackett, even if Aaron Rodgers leaves with him


Last week, BT declared that Robert Saleh needed to be fired, but he would never consider Nathaniel Hackett to be elevated into the head coaching role for the Jets.

And if Aaron Rodgers had a problem with that, he could follow Saleh out the door.

Now, BT is taking it a step further after Sunday’s loss. He says Hackett should be fired from his current role as well, and if that means Rodgers leaves with him, then so be it.

“I love Aaron Rodgers. I truly do,” BT said. But I’m serious about this. Hackett’s gotta go. He cannot be the offensive coordinator for this team next year. If he is, then ownership and Douglas are just further placating a 40-year-old decaying legend.

“If Aaron Rodgers did what he did in Green bay for us, I might make that concession. This isn’t anti-Rodgers. This is anti-situation. Hackett - there’s bad, then there’s deplorably bad, and then there’s unrecognizably so bad that it doesn’t even pop up on the radar of bad - and that’s Hackett.”

BT has been highly critical of the Jets play calling and offensive scheme this season, and believes it’s a major reason why Zach Wilson has struggled in the way that he has. That falls on Hackett, and BT wants him gone, even if it means losing the quarterback that was supposed to lead the franchise out of irrelevancy.

“If Rodgers doesn’t like it, with all due respect to a legend, then Rodgers can follow him out the door,” BT said. “Because the Jets need to stop making decisions to placate him.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jared C. Tilton | Getty Images