Michigan GOP Leader Urges Gov. Whitmer to Revise 'Stay Home' Order


(WWJ) - A Republican legislative leader wants Governor Gretchen Whitmer to make “commonsense” revisions to her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, which was extended through April 30th. 

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey believes the order should be revised for areas seeing “little to no growth” in COVID-19 infection rates.

“Michiganders have spent the past three weeks living under an order that severely restricts their ability to work outside their homes, earn a living, and participate in society. Their lives have been dramatically altered as a result of the presence of COVID-19 in our state,” Shirkey said in a statement.

“Governor Whitmer put the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Order in place to protect the health and safety of all citizens and to support healthcare workers on the front lines battling the effects of COVID-19 on our population.  Since that time, case numbers have increased in certain areas of the state, while other regions have seen little to no growth in the number of residents impacted by the virus.”

While Shirkey agreed “swift bold action” was necessary, he now believes the time has come to make “commonsense revisions to her Order.”

Shirkey outlined his recommendations for a “strategic application” of “Stay Home, Stay Safe.”

 “Individuals living in regions of the state that are experiencing little to no growth in infection rates should be able to return to their jobs to support their families if proper safety protocols are put in place.  Similarly, businesses that can implement strict health and safety measures should be permitted to remain open and operational regardless of whether they are deemed ‘essential.’ Regions with continued high infection rates should continue to see tighter restrictions,” he stated.

 “The Senate Republicans have faith in our citizens.  We believe individuals who are made aware of the importance of healthy behaviors will wash their hands, practice social distancing, and wear masks.  We believe business owners will act responsibly and take care within their establishments to clean and disinfect their equipment, protect their workers and customers, and meet strict health and safety standards.  We believe parents will protect their children, clergy will make worship services safe for their congregants, and neighbors will look out for their communities.”

Shirkey said Governor Whitmer’s decision to extend the Order for three more weeks without these updates “will unnecessarily hurt regions of our state and sectors of our economy that can operate safely.”

As of Thursday, Michigan has 21,504 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with a total of 1,076 related deaths statewide.