Metro Detroit has been seeing some remarkable sunsets this week – Here's why it's happening

Red sunset in St. Clair Shores
Photo credit Edward Cardenas

DETROIT (WWJ) – All week Metro Detroiters have been sharing pictures of incredible sunsets all across the area.

While Michigan is known for some great sunsets throughout the year, there’s a reason they’ve been so intense this week – and it’s something happening thousands of miles away.

As wildfires have burned more than a million hectares since last week in parts of Western Canada, Metro Detroit is seeing the far-reaching effects.

“It’s pretty remarkable how it happens,” AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson said on Weather Wednesday. “The smoke gets pulled up way into the atmosphere and it gets caught in the jetstream and these smoke particles can travel thousands of miles and have noticeable impact on the weather.”

We’ve seen that in action over the last week or so, where “the sky just doesn’t look as blue as it normally does,” Thompson said.

Things changed a bit Wednesday afternoon as a cold front came through that “has largely cleared a lot of the smoke and haze out of the sky.” Thompson says it “looks like that will be the trend here, at least for the next couple of days.”

Western Alberta also got a significant amount of rain in the last few days that has lowered the amount of smoke.

“Hopefully that will lead to less smoke here obscuring the sky because it really covered a large swath of the country over the last couple days,” Thompson said.

While that cold front is helping to clear some of the smoke, it will also bring some cooler weather to the area, with a Frost Advisory in effect Wednesday night and possibly Thursday before things warm up for “a very pleasant” Memorial Day holiday weekend, according to Thompson.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Edward Cardenas