Former Police Chief James Craig forms new law enforcement action team

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig has announced a plan to strengthen law enforcement to help fix what he’s calling a statewide public safety “crisis.”

Craig announced moves today to focus on policing as he prepares for a run for governor of Michigan.

The Republican candidate put together a Law Enforcement Action Team (LEAT) of bipartisan lawmakers, sheriffs, and a county prosecutor to recommend new laws.

Speaking live on WWJ this morning, Craig said not enough is being done to curb crime across Michigan, but he hopes his LEAT initiative can help.

“I’ve reached out to a few select folks from around the state. Law enforcement professionals who want to get involved, who want to address this issue -- not superficially,” Craig told WWJ. “I mean getting down and dealing with the issues of the courts, the prosecutors, and the fact that suspects today...they're brazen because there are no consequences."

Some members of LEAT include House Speaker Jason Wentworth, and the Oakland and Macomb County sheriffs, Michael Bouchard and Anthony Wickersham. The team is expected to hold its first meeting on August 23, and will tour the state next month for Back MI Blue events.

Craig also says he will use his bully pulpit to bring attention to Michigan’s crime issues, give support and expand the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, and launch a petition at urging Michigan voters to show their support for law enforcement.

“Leading From the Front means being proactive to solve critical problems, and there is no issue more important than the safety of our families and communities,” Craig said in a statement.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is also expected to propose a plan to boost support of police officers and curb illegal guns later today.