WATCH: Kwame Kilpatrick and wife announce pregnancy on Instagram

Kwame Kilpatrick
Kwame Kilpatrick Photo credit Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Kwame Kilpatrick and his wife took to Instagram Wednesday night to announce some big news.

Standing in front of a framed portrait of Rosa Parks, former Detroit mayor, Kilpatrick, and wife, LeTecia McGee, announced they were pregnant with a boy.

McGee is currently 20 weeks pregnant and Kilpatrick said he is "over-the-top" excited about what God has done in their lives and in their marriage.

Kilpatrick stated he told those with him in prison over the last seven years that when he left he was going to live "abundantly" and that god had something in store for him.

"We just believe that it's another manifestation of the great miracles that God has been doing in our lives and through our lives," said Kilpatrick in the video.

This will be Kilpatrick's fifth son. He has three sons from a previous marriage and LeTecia also has a son.

Kilpatrick and McGee married last July -- several months after he was released from federal prison -- at the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit.

The two met while McGee was a receptionist in the mayor's office from 2002 to 2004, when Kilpatrick was in charge.

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