Michigan workers affected by pandemic have 10 days to apply for $1,650 grants — Here's how


(WWJ) Thousands of Michigan workers who've been laid off or had their hours reduced due to the pandemic will be able to apply for a share of $45 million from the state, beginning this Friday.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says Employee Assistance Grants grants of up to $1,650 will go to eligible residents who are struggling to pay their bills.

"This grant program puts dollars in the pockets of Michiganders who work in hospitality, in entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food service sectors, as well as the gym and fitness sectors," the governor said, at a Wednesday news briefing.

"These Michiganders have made great sacrifices, and continue to make great sacrifices as we fight COVID-19," she added. "So this grant program will help offset some of the financial loss that they've incurred, through furlough, layoff, or job loss, or a reduction of hours because of the virus."

There is 10-day window to apply, from Friday, Jan. 15, to Monday, Jan 25.

Payments will be issued in March, with funds coming from a previous-announced state stimulus package, as part of Senate Bill 748.

Who is eligible to apply for the Employee Assistance Grants?

Employees who were impacted by the MDHHS Gathering and Face Mask Order of November 18, 2020, who work in the following industries:

• Restaurants
• Hotels & Motels
• Bed & Breakfast
• Resorts
• Bars
• Food Trucks
• Bowling Alleys
• Theaters
• Nightclubs
• Golf Courses
• Banquet Halls
• Caterers
• Casinos
• Cafeterias
• Other impacted industries

To learn more about who qualifies, and to apply, go to www.mrlaef.org/money.

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