McDonalds’ employee left shocked after customer ordered over $3,000 worth of food

The order included drinks, fries, burgers and mcnuggets
Photo credit Brandon Bell / Staff

In most cases, people choose to eat fast food because it is a cheaper alternative to most restaurants. However, one McDonald’s customer apparently wasn’t interested in saving money.

A photo of the customer’s order was recently shared by a McDonalds’ employee who was shocked when they received an order for more than $3,000 worth of food.

As seen in the now viral photo, the customer had an order receipt that included; 70 Angus Clubhouse burgers, 39 McFamily Boxes, 39 packs of 20 McNuggets, 69 large french fries and over 100 drinks. The order came from a McDonalds in Australia, and was shared on a Facebook page for McDonalds’ employees. “I’d quit on the spot if I saw that order,” said a fellow McDonalds’ employee.

Many online were shocked by the order, though some pointed out it likely wasn’t for one person. According to Brobible, the biggest surprise for most was the additional order of a small Vanilla Coke, two small fries, and a cheeseburger with no pickles at the end of the order. With all that food, the person won’t have to return to McDonalds for a long time.