Humans on Mars by 2040? Proposed NASA budget wants to make it happen

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(WWJ) – President Joe Biden’s new proposed budget has been released, and it may hold some exciting news for fans of space exploration.

The White House is asking for about $26 billion for NASA – an 8% increase – for the next year, and a majority of that money will help advance the Artemis program, which aims to put humans on the moon this decade.

But what about beyond the moon? NASA has big, big plans, including hopes of putting boots on Mars by 2040. Mike Murray of the Delta College Planetarium joined WWJ’s Erin Vee on this edition of “All Over the Space” to talk about what lies ahead in outer space.

Murray has reservations about the target date of 2040, and says it will take more agencies than just NASA to make that a reality.

“They’ve had goals for going to Mars for decades. The problem is, it’s always been a little bit more complicated the further we go into studying what it really takes to go there," he said. "So, between you and me, I think 2040 is still a little bit ambitious.”

More information on the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City can be found online. Follow the planetarium on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates.

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