Listen to Saints Radio Online

Mike Hoss

You'll be able to hear every exciting play-by-play from Mike Hoss, Deuce McAllister and Steve Geller from the sidelines, as well as all of our pre-game and post-game coverage.

We talked with our web/digital guru Scott Colomb about what this means, how it works, and if there are any limitations:

Q: Can I get the game on my mobile phone / smartphone / Audacy App? 

A: No - You'll only be able to hear the Saints game stream on on a desktop or laptop computer. This is an important point: Unfortunately, we only have the right to carry the games on our regular stream for desktops and laptop computers. Another company already holds the rights to stream audio of NFL games to apps and smartphones. That means we will not be able to offer the Saints game via the stream on any mobile phone, on the Audacy App, or on any other type of mobile device. Sorry about that!

Q:  Yeah, but I wanted to be able to listen to the game on my smart phone inside the Superdome.

A: We've got a much better solution:  Bring a radio! Inside the Superdome, we have a separate transmitter and antenna that broadcasts the game LIVE on 105.3 FM. And, we mean LIVE, with zero delay. Even if you could listen to our game stream on your smart phone, there is a very long delay on the stream. Bringing a small FM radio with headphones will let you hear Mike & Deuce call the game as it happens.

Q:  Is there any charge to listen to Saints games on    

A:  No, it's completely free, and you don't need to sign up for anything, either. However, although we do not charge to stream on game day (or any other day,) you should note that running a live audio stream on your computer does count as data usage on your internet plan. You may want to check with your internet service provider if you think streaming several hours a week could make an impact on your data usage limitations with your particular internet provider.

Q:   Can I listen to the games at if I'm out of state or out of country?

A:  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to stream the games online in areas outside of the US and Canada. That wasn't always the case, but the regulatory environment in regard to international streaming has changed and we deeply regret that we can no longer provide this service to the Who Dat Nation overseas.

Q:  Will the audio on the web stream be in sync with the TV?

A:  Not exactly. When we send our Saints broadcast from Mike & Deuce to computer servers that redistribute the audio to thousands of listeners, it requires massive "buffering" of the audio to ensure that everyone can hear the game. That process does result in a significant delay between what you see on TV and what you hear on If you have a DVR, however, you could also pause your video to let the streaming audio "catch up," and then you'll be in sync!

Who Dat Nation-don't forget to pause your DVR and turn up Saints Radio! Listen to the home team-Mike Hoss, Deuce McAllister & Steve Geller on WWL-the Big 870am, 105.3 FM &

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