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Alex Pall and Drew Taggart tell us they leaned into complete creative freedom in order to craft some of their best work yet
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Upon the arrival of their first single since 2020, The Chainsmokers spoke with Audacy’s Bru about the debut of their first new piece of music in nearly a year.

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Alex Pall and Drew Taggart filled us in on the making of “High,” and the iconic production duo detailed what we can anticipate from their forthcoming full-length project.

Taggart feels that since he and Pall have been away “the sound of music has changed a lot.” He notes the way that music is cultivated now is completely different from when they took time off almost two years ago, citing TikTok as the biggest change driver.

“We made this song that we’re super stoked on, and we made this album that we’re even more stoked on, and you just have no idea how people are going to react,” shared Drew

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Pall chimed in, adding, “Obviously we’d love everyone in the world to love this song, but at the end of the day like we’re just so happy to be back making music that we’re super proud of.”

At the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic took hold, The Chainsmokers took off to Hawaii for a vacation but brought along recording equipment, “just in case.” While recording in Hawaii Alex explains that it was particularly freeing to work on music without a goal. The underlying concept of their new project was born out of complete freedom and very little pressure.

“Cultivating creativity is one of the most difficult things to do as an artist,” noted Taggart. “You can’t go to the studio like it’s an office job. My favorite artists really let themselves go and give themselves space and time to kind of receive creative ideas and make their best work that way. I think this is the first time in our career that we enabled ourselves to do that.”

“High,” is a single that The Chainsmokers created after completing their album revealed Taggart. With a slightly “splashier” sound, the producer tells us the track is a reminiscent taste of what is to come off their forthcoming LP.

Check out The Chainsmokers' full interview above. “High” is out everywhere, now!

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