Create a sustainable and fashionable wardrobe by embracing a 'sharing economy'

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly New Year’s resolution, we have one for you – creating a sustainable wardrobe.

Giving your wardrobe a complete overhaul can reduce the amount of clutter you have and encourage you to consume less, which, in turn, creates less waste.

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A model known as “Sharing Economy” is turning the fashion and retail empire upside-down as it makes the product the currency.

According to EcoCult, in the fashion industry, the model involves swapping, renting, and resale of clothes, with the goal of reducing the amount of newly produced clothing by giving your current wardrobe a longer shelf-life.

The post notes that according to WRAP, extending the life of garments in the UK by nine months can reduce the carbon, water, and waste footprint by 22%.

And there are benefits that go beyond the environmental aspect as second hand pieces are often cheaper while also allowing you to shake up your wardrobe more often.

You can even make friends through clothes-sharing communities.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is on-going, you can safely swap clothes online using apps like Nuw, The Dress Change, Big Sister Swap, Reshash, and Swopped.

There are also fashion resale sites you can use to get some money for your garments like Vinted and ThredUp, as well as Vestiaire Collective for luxury and designer items.

You can also shop with brands that not only make quality clothing but support the sustainable model by offering repair and take-back services and rental options such as Mud Jeans, which allows you to lease jeans by month, Rent the Runway, which regularly collaborates with Nordstrom, or Levi’s Secondhand, which allows customers to trade-in their old products for gift cards and discounts.

Say goodbye to the clothes you don’t wear, give them a new life with someone who will wear them, and swap them for something that will allow you to reinvent your style more often.

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For more ideas on how you can save the planet, visit 1Thing.

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