Stay green while you spring clean: How to incorporate sustainability into your routine

Spring cleaning
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There’s something about the longer days and new plants that makes us want to tidy up our homes and dive into spring cleaning.

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But just because humans are creatures of habit doesn’t mean we can’t adapt, so this year as you give your home a refresh, consider staying green!

Here’s how you can incorporate sustainability into your cleaning routine.

green cleaning cloth
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Reusable cleaning cloths

When you’re cleaning counters or windows, paper towels can be your best friends. However, as soon as they have cleaning products on them, you can no longer recycle the paper towels and have to throw them away in the trash after use, the same way you do with cleaning wipes.

Consider using reusable cleaning cloths, or if you have old t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore but that are not in a good enough condition to donate, cut them into smaller squares to create DIY cleaning cloths. Toss them into the washer and they’re good to go again!

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Be aware of what you can and can’t recycle

Though many plastic and paper products can be recycled, it’s important to check before tossing your empties into the recycling bin. For the most part, spray bottles and bottles with caps can be recycled, but you may need to remove certain components, like pump tops, if they are made of other materials.

lemon vinegar salt cleaning
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Switch to ecofriendly cleaning products

We all have our go-to cleaning supplies that make getting rid of stains a breeze, but if you’re worried about chemicals, you can switch to natural alternatives that’ll get the job done. recommends placing lemon peels in a jar of white vinegar for a few days to create a powerful multipurpose cleaner, while a lemon half dipped into salt can effectively scrub away gunk on a cutting board or copper pot.

recycle electronics
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Dispose of your used electronics properly

Did you find old electronics in the back of a closet while spring cleaning? Don’t toss them in the trash! The United States Environmental Protection Agency has an easy guide to getting rid of electronics you no longer want.

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Let your plants do the work

This is more of a long-term play, but did you know that some houseplants naturally improve the air quality of the rooms they are in? They reduce the CO2 levels in your home and act as a natural humidifier. And as an added benefit, being a plant parent is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby for both novices and pros.

orange cinnamon
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A fresh scent without the chemicals

Want to make your home smell clean and fresh after all your hard work but are allergic to artificial scents? Throw a pot of water on the stove, add cinnamon sticks and citrus peels, and let the steam make your home smell cozy without giving you the sniffles.

For more ideas on how you can save the planet, visit 1Thing.

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