Making your presents (red and) green: Tips for sustainable gift wrap

By , KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you haven’t wrapped your presents yet, consider ditching cookie-cutter wrapping paper for a sustainable option this year.

Alden Wicker, founder of EcoCult, said it’s important to use recyclable products to wrap your presents — not glossy wrapping paper.

“The way that they get it shiny is by covering it with a glossy plastic, and that makes it not recyclable,” she said. “It’s better to get the kind that is really simple and has more in common with newsprint than with fancy packaging — and that’s another idea that you can do, the comic section from your newspaper.”

Thrift stores may spark creative ideas, too. Wicker said leftover fabric scraps, scarves, tea towels, even old maps can be used to wrap a package.

“I just keep a big roll of white and brown — not glossy — craft paper from the art store around, and I wrap all of my presents in that,” she said. “Then, you can get really creative from there.”

As for ribbons, opt for twine or cloth ribbons.

To top it off: “Go to whatever place is selling trees. They usually have a bunch of leftover little sprigs, that you can gather up for free. Tie them onto your package, and it’s very festive.”

Don’t forget to re-use tissue paper and newspaper for packing fragile items. And, Wicker advised, you can also put some smaller items in jars, boxes or other containers you have around the house.

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