Pharrell’s Creative Collective Launches Cutlery Kits Made From Upcycled CDs


He’s never done this kind of remix before.

Pharrell Williams’ creative collective I Am Other is introducing a reusable cutlery set made from upcycled CDs and food packaging, reports Environment + Energy Leader.

The new line, dubbed Pebble, is a product from Otherware, the entity formed in partnership between I Am Other and technology company Pentatonic.

The new offering comes in a pebble-shaped kit, each of which includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and straw.

For ease of carrying, each unit comes with a flexible clip and lanyard as well.

The new items are dishwasher safe and each unit will cost “Happy” fans and eco-conscious foodies $59, according to Otherware’s website.

“The case is ‘made from music’ from recycled CDs, handles from recycled food packaging, and the tips are anodized titanium coated steel to give the unique colored tool heads,” the firm said.

Each kit contains 28 grams of polypropylene, 41 grams of steel, and 77 grams of polycarbonate.

The entire kit is recyclable as well, although the advises separating the separate pieces before curbing them.

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