At least 1 coyote spotted in Central Park, 36 sightings reported recently in Manhattan

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The city Parks Department confirms that at least one coyote has been spending time in Central Park.

As of Dec. 15, they say there have been 36 sightings reported in Manhattan alone.

Sources tell 1010 WINS that since 2016 the Parks Department has received 62 reports of coyote sightings citywide.According to, Terry Meehan has had two encounters with what he believes is the same coyote this month near West 82nd Street in Central Park.

During the most recent siting on Dec. 21, Meehan was walking with his 70-pound Goldendoodle dog name Rufus around 9 p.m.

The reports may be for the same coyote, officials say, adding that that the reports don't mean there are 62 individual coyotes roaming the streets.

Officials say those who cross paths with wildlife in New York City should respect them the same way they would any other New Yorker and give them plenty of space.If you spot a wild animal, report the sighting to the Wildlife NYC website. Only call 911 to report wildlife sightings if there is a clear threat to public safety.

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