BLM, Blue Lives Matter protesters violently clash, councilman Brannan calls for 'investigation'

Bay Ridge protest
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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Black Lives Matter protesters and pro-police demonstrators clashed during a protest in Brooklyn on Sunday.

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The protest turned brawl occurred in Bay Ridge, and at one point, a pro-police demonstrator yelled sexist and racist slurs at the Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Some pro-police demonstrates began to punch and hit a woman in the face.

When police were finally able to break up the crowd, Black Lives Matters protesters began to surround the attacker until officers agreed to watch the videos of what happened.

He was later placed in a police van.

Arrests were made after protesters blocked van from leaving.

Earlier, a Black Lives Matter protestor was tased by the police during the same event.

NYC Councilman Justin Brannan is calling for an investigation of the incident.

"I am disturbed by the violence tonight in #BayRidge. " Brannan tweeted. "The blame falls squarely at the feet of the elected officials & leaders who refused to take responsibility for the vitriol and hatred displayed at yesterday's protest."

Brannan added that he will be meeting with members of the 68th Precinct "first thing" Monday.