Bushwick coffee shop wins the 1010 WINS Small Business $10K challenge


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A fourth-generation Bushwick resident who owns a community cafe dedicated to promoting healthy food access has won this year’s 1010 WINS Small Business $10K Challenge

Kymme Williams-Davis, who co-owns Bushwick Grind with her husband Raymond Davis, took the top prize in this year's challenge, which was also sponsored by BNB Bank.

The “mom and pop” coffee shop on Whipple Street “provides a delicious cup of coffee, good food and company, while being engaged in a wide variety of community causes,” Williams-Davis told judges during the challenge, which was held virtually (see video above).  

“Fun fact: My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother are all Bushwick girls,” she said during her presentation to the judges. “So it was no surprise that this fourth-gen chick also called BK USA her home and loves this community.”

“What is shocking, however, is that access to healthy food in my historically black and brown community is still limited,” she added. “This is what birthed another Brooklyn baby nearly five years ago: Bushwick Grind.”