Conn. offers new resources to residents who need to isolate due to COVID-19

A hospital worker prepares COVID-19 patient and Guatemalan asylum seeker Zully to take her first steps after being removed from a ventilator at a Stamford Hospital ICU on April 24, 2020 in Stamford, Connecticut.
Photo credit John Moore/Getty Images

HARTFORD, CT (1010 WINS) -- Connecticut will provide residents who need to self-quarantine due to COVID-19 with a variety of resources, including “COVID kits” with thermometers, short-term hotel stays and food assistance, Gov. Ned Lamont said Wednesday. 

The state will offer the following resources to residents who need to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 or being exposed to the virus, Lamont said in a press release

  • COVID kits that include “needed supplies” like thermometers, pulse oximeters and masks 
  • Short-term hotel options for residents who aren’t able to safely quarantine at home 
  • Cash cards that can “support the basic expenses of those who may need to miss work due to self-isolation or quarantine, and may not be eligible for unemployment insurance”
  • Food assistance, via local food pantries and delivery services

“Throughout this pandemic, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that we need to take care of those who need it most,” Lamont said in a statement. “I thank all of the local organizations that have been supporting families with food, housing and other support throughout this fight. 

Connecticut reported three new COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday, bringing its death toll to 4,508, Lamont said. Of the 12,390 COVID-19 test results that came back on Tuesday, 221, or 1.8 percent, were positive, he said. 

As of Tuesday night, 104 people in the state were hospitalized with COVID-19, up by 12 from Monday.