CORONAVIRUS IN NY: New York state coronavirus death toll now exceeds 20K, fueled by one-day spike

Coronavirus NYC
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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Coronavirus deaths in New York state now exceed 20,000, according state figures updated Wednesday night.

New York's death toll is 20,597 -- an increase of nearly 1,000 from Tuesday.

In comparison, Cuomo earlier in the day announced 232 deaths from the previous day.

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"I think the reality's actually going to be worse," Cuomo said earlier on Wednesday, noting that the state hasn't been tracking deaths at home.

Cuomo said there were 2,179 total hospitalizations across the state, including 601 new hospitalizations since Tuesday.

Cuomo called the slowing of hospitalizations a "painfully slow decline but better than numbers going the other way."

“With everything we’ve done we still see 600 new cases yesterday,” Cuomo said.

Downstate cases

Citing an initial survey of people hospitalized, the governor said most hospitalizations were coming from downstate New York, including the five boroughs and Long Island.

The three-day survey of 113 hospitals showed new cases were largely not essential workers taking public transportation, but older people staying at home and not traveling. Retirees made up 37 percent of hospitalizations, while 46 percent were unemployed.

Nearly three-quarters of those hospitalized were 51 years or older, and people of color made up a disproportionate amount of the patients.

New patients

Cuomo said 66 percent of new hospitalizations in the state were people who came from home instead of nursing homes, prisons or other locations. The data also showed 84 percent in the state and 90 percent in the city had not been going outside to walk, drive or take public transportation.

“Eighty-four percent were at home, literally,” Cuomo said.

He said only 4 percent of hospitalized patients in the state had taken public transportation. In New York City, just 3 percent had taken public transportation.

"It reinforces what we've been saying, which is much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself,'' Cuomo said. "Everything is closed down, the government has done everything it could—now it's up to you. Are you wearing a mask, are you doing the hand sanitizer?''

Coronavirus patients
Coronavirus patients
Coronavirus patients
Coronavirus patients
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