WATCH: Meet the guy who runs a Blockbuster out of his cubicle

By Kyle McMorrow

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Welcome to Blockbuster.

Well, not exactly. 

Cory Bruce, 36, converted his cubical at Comedy Central's Hudson Street offices into a mini version of the popular -- but virtually non-existent -- video rental chain and he's filled it with over 600 VHS tapes and DVDs. (There's only one Blockbuster left in the world, in Bend, Oregon.)

"I wanted to make a Blockbuster because I thought it would be a fun thing to do," Bruce, who edits video content at Comedy Central, told 1010 WINS. "I had kind of a nostalgia for the place having worked there and really loving the place as a kid. I just thought this was a thing we could do in our everyday life to enjoy these and remember them." 

His expansive collection spans the cinematic spectrum "Aladdin" to "Citizen Kane" and "Caddy Shack." 

And while Bruce jokes the rental business has not been booming at his office, co-workers and friends sometimes borrow films from time to time.  

"If you're going to play it, be kind, rewind," he said he tells them.   

And if that doesn't scratch your nostalgia itch, there's also a space carved out for other retailers from yesteryear: KB Toys, Circuit City, and Tower Records.​