SLICE V. DEEP-DISH: NYPD, Chicago PD in pizza showdown

Chief Monahan eats a New York slice
Photo credit @NYPDChiefofDept/Twitter

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – What's the fairest pizza of them all? 

The Police Pizza War is heating up on social media months before the NYPD and Chicago PD go head to head in a football game where the loser will have to dig into the opposing city's preferred pie. 

The Windy City threw down the gauntlet Thursday with a tweet raving about deep-dish pizza and dissing New York thin crust.

“It’s like a casserole,” Chief of Department Terence Monahan told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa on Friday. “You have to get pizza from New York. It’s the only place where pizza originated, and that’s real pizza.”

Monahan has now challenged Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to eat a New York slice and “admit it’s better” if the NYPD beats Chicago Police in a football game later this spring.   

“If you win, I’ll eat my words & a slice of that casserole you call pizza,” Monahan tweeted.

Monahan followed up Saturday with video of him dismissing Chicago deep-dish and digging into a New York slice.

“New York pizza -- a lot better than Chicago!” Monahan says in the video.

 The Pizza Bowl will be held in New York on May 18.