PHOTOS: Artist creates 'family' of snow bear sculptures in Central Park

Photo credit Jess Clarke

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – More than a dozen snow bear sculptures in Central Park are lifting the spirits of New Yorkers.

The bears were created by artist Heide Hatry, who has been adding to her collection for the past two weeks near the park entrance at 86th Street and Central Park West, according to the New York Post.

The charming sculptures are complete with props. One bear is sitting on a chair. Another is holding a guitar. A third is reading a book.

The snowy display has grown into a “family” of bears complete with a number of bear cubs, some cuddling with mom, others playing with toys.

“The whole family with two new cubs […] is doing pretty well considering the nasty weather,” Hatry wrote on her Instagram page Friday.

The collection has charmed New Yorkers, with hundreds of people coming to see it in recent days.

The art also has a message: Hatry is bringing light to climate change and its impact on polar bears.

A sign in front of a snow bear and her cub reads, “Mommy, what’s a carbon footprint?”

“They made lots of people smile,” Hatry wrote on Instagram. “And I hope we realize that they need our help to survive the upcoming decades.”