Flight Attendant Removed From Plane After Slurring Speech, Passing Out

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(1010 WINS/AP) -- A flight attendant on a United Express flight has been charged with public intoxication, after passengers snapped photos and shot video of the woman passed out.

Passengers also said Julianne March, 49, of Waukesha, Wisconsin -- who was the sole flight attendant on the Chicago to South Bend, Indiana flight, operated by Air Wisconsin -- had slurred speech, was bumping into things and could "barely stand."

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Photo credit Facebook/Yvette McDowell

Passenger Yvette McDowell posted photos of the flight attendant to Facebook, writing, "So when I set down I instantly notice my flight attendant was [allegedly> high or drunk. Smh....she was so gone she couldn't speak or barely stand."

McDowell continued, "She held the microphone for so long just stuck. She eventually fell asleep. We didnt get any safety instructions or introduction. The pilot barely said anything at all. The safety people and police met is at the gate when we landed."

Another passenger Aaron Scherb tweeted, "Hey @united, our flight attendant appears to be quite drunk on this from from ORD to SBN. She is slurring her speech (she couldn’t make it through the security announcement), couldn’t walk straight/was bumping into everyone in the aisle, and kept dropping things."

March faces an Aug. 29 initial hearing after being charged Thursday, according to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office.

Court documents say March was part of an Air Wisconsin crew working the Aug. 2 United Express flight, when passengers became "scared for their lives'' due to her apparent condition after departing O'Hare International Airport.

The South Bend Tribune reports that when the plane landed in South Bend, officers removed March.

Court documents say she had a blood-alcohol content of 0.20%.

Air Wisconsin Airlines said Friday that March is no longer employed by the airline. Online court records don't list an attorney who could speak on March's behalf. A message seeking comment was left Friday on March's cellphone.