PODCAST: The fear of coming home and finding your pet dead – is it preventable?

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – It’s no secret that pets can’t talk. While most of them are effective at communicating by making noise, pet owners can’t always know if they are experiencing suffering below the surface.

In fact, one listener tells us that her biggest fear is coming home from a long day of work to find her pet dead.

Could it happen, despite the pet being healthy when she left? Are there any precautions pet owners can take to ensure their cats and dogs make their maximum life expectancies?

Sleepy Feet - stock photo ginger tabby cat sleeping outside in a wicker pod
Sleepy Feet - stock photo Photo credit Getty Images

On this episode of “Your Weirdest Fears,” host Larry Mullins sits with Dr. Lauren Adelman to find out. A seasoned veterinarian and internal medicine specialist, Dr. Adelman explains how often sudden pet deaths occur, and why most of them are preventable.

“Sudden death, when [an owner] is not home, is reasonably uncommon,” she says. While she affirms that it does happen from time to time, there are countless other instances where a pet may look unconscious, but may still be alive and suffering from something else entirely.

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