VIDEO: Black man at Walmart records being wrongfully accused by woman of stealing son's phone

Warning: Contains graphic language

A Black man who was wrongly accused of stealing a cellphone at a Walmart in Moreno Valley, California -- located about 60 miles east of L.A. -- has posted a video of his encounter with the white woman who targeted him.

The five-minute video, posted by Ya’shear Bryant on July 14, begins with Bryant off-screen in the Walmart parking lot narrating that the woman shown in the video accused him of stealing her son’s cell phone.

Bryant said the woman claimed he'd taken her son’s phone while inside the store, which made him decide to end his shopping and leave the store.

“I felt so uncomfortable that I left my basket there,” Bryant said. “I proceeded to walk out.”


As Bryant walked back into the store to complain to Walmart employees, the woman followed him. When they were inside the entry, the woman's son walked up with his phone. The youth told his mother that he had left it in their car.

Bryant asked for an apology. The women cursed at him and went into the store with her family. The video ended with one of the employees apologizing to Bryant.

As the video went viral online, viewers noticed that the woman was wearing a Kaiser Permanente T-shirt and was holding a Kaiser Permanente keychain.

Kaiser Permanente said in a tweet it is "actively investigating" the incident.