Is George Santos even his real name? Video shows LI congressman using different name in 2019

Photo credit Win McNamee/Getty Images

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A video from a 2019 conservative event shows LI congressman George Santos introducing himself as “Anthony Devolder.”

The video casts further doubt on Santos’ identity after a series of lies about his heritage, job history, education and accomplishments.

The resurfaced video shows Santos at a 2019 Q&A session for a “Walk Away LGBT” event focused on making gay and trans people more conservative.

“So my name is Anthony Devolder,” says Santos in the clip. “I’m a New York City resident. I recently founded a group called United for Trump.”

Santos claimed his full name is George Anthony Devolder Santos. Whether that’s actually the case is unclear, as he did not share a birth certificate or other identifying document and has a history of spreading outlandish lies.

In fact, one such fabrication appears in the video. The “United for Trump” group he claims to have founded has no online presence and does not seem to exist.

During his 2022 campaign in Long Island’s 3rd Congressional District, Santos lied about being Jewish, working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, and his college degree.

The truth didn’t come out until after he was elected — flipping a Democrat-held House seat.

If his middle names are Anthony Devolder, it’s unclear why he used them when introducing himself at the Q&A.

He was running a congressional campaign under the name George Santos at the time, and it’s unclear why he would pass up an opportunity to make himself known at a conservative event.

This latest revelation comes amid calls for Santos’ resignation, including from his fellow Republican legislators, and three criminal investigations.

Santos was making $55,000 per year up until 2020, according to financial disclosure documents he filed during the campaign.

In 2021 and 2022, he reported income between $1 million and $5 million from a “capital intro consulting company.”

He turned around and funneled more than $700,000 of that newfound fortune into his campaign.

U.S. federal and state prosecutors are investigating that sudden shift in income and his campaign finances.

Santos is also facing an investigation from Brazilian prosecutors who accuse him of using fake checks in 2008.

Santos admitted to Brazilian police he forged a man’s signature on two checks to purchase over $1,300 worth of clothing and shoes, according to documents obtained by CNN.

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