HARDY and Morgan Wallen are friendship goals

‘I can’t really think of a time where we got in any sort of fight’
Morgan Wallen, HARDY
Photo credit Jason Kempin/Getty Images

HARDY and Morgan Wallen have set the best friend bar high. From writing hit songs and touring the world together, it’s clear the two early 30-year-olds mesh well, but is their friendship always as cool and easygoing as it seems?

LISTEN NOW: HARDY joins KSON’s John & Tammy: San Diego’s Morning Show

HARDY recently joined John and Tammy: San Diego’s Morning Show where he was asked if he and Wallen ever get into arguments. “No, not really,” HARDY said without hesitation. “I can’t really think of a time where we got in any sort of fight. We’ve definitely disagreed on stuff before, but nothing crazy.”

HARDY went on to humbly admit a few of those disagreements went on to become hit songs, proving they have both benefitted from trusting one another’s musical intuition.

The two have had plenty of time to figure out their stride as they’ve been working together long before either one of them was in the spotlight. Now, HARDY says all that hard work is paying off and he’s just appreciative for the opportunities.

“It’s still a pinch me thing — every day,” HARDY said of his success in music. “This summer, getting to play all these legendary places was like, the coolest thing ever. There’s never a time where I stand on stage and I’m like, ‘I deserve this!’ It’s never like that., I’m always kind of in awe of what’s going on.”

Hear more about HARDY’s summer on the road, friendship with Morgan Wallen and a few things he’s not good at by checking out his entire conversation with KSON’s John & Tammy above.

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