10 Date Ideas During Your Isolation (Making Quarantine… Fun?)


Yeah, we’re all at home, quarantined, at this point and in Wisconsin all gatherings of more than 50 people are banned. Wisconsin bars and restaurants are transitioning to carry-out, delivery, or curbside pickup only. President Trump is encouraging that no more than 10 people are together at once. Dating is going to be difficult.

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…I said difficult, NOT impossible. Sorry Tinder dates that haven’t met in person yet, you’ll have to settle for facetime and long-distance dating (unless you’re really bold, you do you).

For those of us either newly dating or have been with our person for a while, I have a surprisingly long list of ideas (honestly, more than I expected to think of - ha!). What's the difference between two people that like (or *cough* love *cough*) each other and two people on a date? Setting the mood.

If you’re going on a ‘social distancing date’ (what. a. phrase… isolation date, nope; quarantine date… yeah, that's also going to be a no from me) there are a few things you can do. First, shower, I really hope you haven’t been skipping this during quarantine, but definitely shower before your date.

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Next, wear something nice for your date (put the sweatpants back!). The last thing, it’s a date, no phones. Okay, looks like you’re ready for a … social distancing date. Feel free to pick one or several ideas to make it a fun time for both of you!

1. Go for a Walk Together! Yes, we can still go outside (in moderation)… so, why not enjoy a nice day or evening with a walk around the neighborhood. If you have a dog, sure, bring fido too.

2. Cook Together! Move over nightly ramen noodles, we’re making pasta tonight. Okay, that may be a little ambitious. But there are so many recipes out there for the beginners that anyone can follow… or maybe you’re more seasoned with your skills and can wing it.

3. Recreate Your First Date! For couples that have been together for a while, see how creative you can be to re-do your first date… from home. Bowling? Set up some random objects and roll up a tinfoil ball. Met up for coffee or drinks – try to remake those drinks and the conversations from that date.

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4. Game Night! There are a lot of two-person games out there, whether it’s a board game, cards, jenga… you have options. Let’s see those (hopefully playful) competitive sides come out.

5. Puzzle! Yes, there may be a piece missing but you won’t find out until you finish it… together.

6. Backyard Picnic! Fresh. Air. You’ve been inside a lot, let’s take that meal you cooked together and move the setting outside.

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7. Order Take-Out (and Enjoy Around Candlelight)! Okay, maybe cooking together is out… but there are still several restaurants that are providing carry-out or delivery. Honestly, during these times of quarantine, you’d be really helping small businesses and their employees by ordering from them.

8. Fort Night! Okay… not Fortnite, no. But for those with cabin fever, make the cabin into a tent. Y’all… I’m trying. Couch fort, pitch a tent in the living room, change up your surroundings. Make it extra fun by playing your date's favorite music (which... is clearly 103.7 KISS-FM on your radio or RADIO.COM app).

9. Movie! With the established ground rules (shower, dress up, no phones), I’m willing to allow a movie… though, I feel like at this point you’ve binged all the things. Pick their favorite movie and watch it together.

10. Blind Tasting! Raid the liquor cabinet and make each other an assortment of drinks then see if they can guess what you made. This also works for food, depending on where your rations are.

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Bonus: Exercise Together! Gyms are closing, but there’s a lot of guided workouts you can try from home (looking at you, Yoga) or perhaps one of you already has a routine that you can share with the other.

Bonus: Plan Your After-Quarantine Date! It’s never too soon to plan ahead, start exploring what you’d like to do if it was open and we weren’t social distancing. Once it’s safe, pick a day and do it! You can also support your future date locations by purchasing gift cards now (support local and all!).

If the date(s) goes well... who knows what could happen...

Did I miss an idea that would be fun? Hit me up on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)!


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