Cowboys QB Dak Prescott 'Is Nuts' and Should 'Take The Money, Theismann Says

FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) - Former Washington Redskins quarterback is ripping into unsigned quarterback Dak Prescott for not having already agreed to the massive deal the Dallas Cowboys have offered him.

“You’re not a top-five quarterback in the National Football League,” Theismann said of Prescott. “You’re a good football player. You have the potential to be better, but what have you done?”

“If I was advising Dak Prescott, I would say, ‘Take the money.''

Theismann, speaking to JR SportBrief on CBS Sports Radio, has a general idea of what the Cowboys have offered Prescott, who has yet to sign his franchise tag (worth $31.409 million guaranteed for 2020) or the massive deal Dallas has offered, which as we have reported in this space is a five-year deal that features $35 million APY and at least $106 million guaranteed - all of which could make Prescott the highest-paid player in NFL history.

“Dak Prescott’s situation confuses me a bit,” Theismann said. "The aggravation to go through, the unknowns if you happen to go through a year, the free agency ... But that’s a lot of money. What are you looking for? Another couple million?''

Technically, what Prescott is looking for, as we've reported, is a four-year deal, in order to see free agency again shortly after the NFL's present TV contract expires following the 2022 season - at which point the salary cap, and salaries, figure to explode upward.

Given the size of the contract, Theismann wondered if Prescott is thinking straight.

What, are you crazy?'' Theimann said. "Are you really, really nuts?''