Dak Prescott Still Has Two Monster Offers On The Table


By Mike Fisher and Josh Clark 

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - There seems to be some confusion over what Dak Prescott has and hasn't been offered. So, let's clear it up for you. 

The Cowboys quarterback has not one but two monster offers on the table. He can either take his $31.409 million franchise-tag offer or accept a contract presently on the table worth $35 million per year and more than $106 million guarenteed, a number we've been reporting on for quite some time. 

Prescott, of course, could come to a different agreement with the Cowboys as his agent Todd France continues to negotiate with the Joneses. 

The franchise tag number alone would make Prescott the highest-paid single-season Cowboy ever. The second figure would put him in the ballpark of the highest-paid players in NFL history. 

So, what's the hold up in negotiations? Prescott is seeking a four-year deal for two reasons: First, Prescott wants a shorter deal so that he can re-enter the market at the still-young age of 30-years-old. Secondly, the NFL's deal with the television networks ends following the 2022 season, opening the door for an increase in the salary cap and player salaries.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys current offer of $35 million APY is based on a five-year deal, thus giving them an extra year of control. 

The contract negotation will likely continue this summer but will have to be worked out by the July 15 deadline, or else Prescott and the Cowboys could be facing an ugly situation heading into training camp. 

Ultimately, we've leaned to the idea that a long-term deal will get done by the deadline. It remains to be seen how long that deal will be.