Jerry Jones: "Jason Garrett Will Be Coaching In The NFL Next Year"

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - Saying that there is no specific bar for his head coach to hit, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that he believes Jason Garrett will be coaching in the NFL next year. 

Talking on his weekly show with The Fan's Shan & RJ, Jerry Jones says that there’s no specific bar that determines whether or not Jason Garrett gets a new contract. 

"There’s boxes to be checked” said Jones, and adding that, in his opinion, "Jason Garrett will be coaching in the NFL next year.”

Jones said he’s seen list of rumored candidates to be the Dallas coach in 2020, “but they can’t guarantee me or my fans a Super Bowl.”

Jones also he felt comfortable with the Cowboys having a young coaching staff in 2019 due to Jason Garrett serving as a safety net for them.

"When I decided to go with a younger makeup of a coaching staff, I decided that. And we did get it" said Jones. "we got Marc Colombo, we got it with Richard really impacting our defense, we got it several areas out there. Our special teams coach, our linebacker coach, When we the year before made a change with our receiver coach, and Kellen Moore the obvious one at coordinator. I felt strongly that we could do and do that with a young group that still had experience to get. I felt we could to that with Jason Garrett there, he could be the safety net in case the wheels came off." 

Jones said he’s retaining Garrett for rest of season because “first of all, he’s a good coach” and “one of the smartest coaches.” His experience level helps balance younger members of staff. “I’m glad to have him. He is the guy for the job.”

When asked about apathy from the Cowboys fan base in the wake of the rough season, Jones said, “Listen, I’m worried about winning ball games for our fan base. There’s nobody that shoves any more out there than I do, than the Cowboys do. We put the show on, and we spend the money. And we want wins.”

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