Jerry Jones Praises Lincoln Riley & Matt Rhule, But Says College Coaches Have Lowest Rate Of NFL Success

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made his highly anticipated return to the K&C Masterpiece after last week's interview quickly went south. Thankfully, Kevin and Cory got their act together, and there were no hiccups during the exchange Friday. 

Back to football, Jones was asked if he enjoyed seeing Lincoln Riley and Oklahoma get a win at AT&T Stadium last weekend? Jones not only took the time to praise Riley, but he also heaped praise upon Baylor head coach Matt Rhule.

"I'm impressed with him. But, boy, I'm impressed with Baylor's coach, too," Jones said. "Those were two outstanding coaches at the stadium this weekend. ... They've done great jobs. ... That was a great chance to see a couple great coaches out there."

But just because they are great college coaches doesn't mean they'll have the same success in the NFL, Jones says. 

"College coaches, a head coach coming directly into (to the NFL) head coach, have the lowest percentage rate of success (in the NFL)," Jones said when asked if the league is more accepting of college coaches making the jump to the NFL. "It's pretty obvious they have to get acquainted with personnel. College coaches spend Sunday working. It's one of their biggest workday weeks. In many cases, they aren't familiar with the personnel, and that's a big deal.

"So, you pay a price for someone to get up to date that haven't spent the prior months or years in the NFL. And just the nature of the game, college coaches don't spend a lot of time watching this game. I'm reminded we won one football game the first year we came and brought Jimmy (Johnson) in."

Jerry Jones is telling 'his truth' about college coaches jumping to the NFL. But I guarantee you #Cowboys can visualize a Lincoln Riley jump. And in talking to people close to the situation, NFL teams are about ready to try to lure Matt Rhule from @BUFootball too.

— mike fisher ✭ (@fishsports) December 13, 2019

As everyone knows, that eventually worked out just fine.

Despite Jones' doom and gloom comments about college coaches' success rates in the NFL, we know that won't keep him from speaking to Riley, former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, and maybe even coach Rhule about the expected head coaching vacancy next season.