Tony Romo On Kellen Moore Taking Over Play-Calling: 'Change Is A Good Thing'

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo joined the Ben and Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan to talk about Jason Witten, Bill Belichick, and Peyton Manning's criticism

Romo also discussed why he believes Kellen Moore becoming the offensive coordinator will be a positive for the team:

"I've always felt like change is a good thing, just for change's sake," Romo said Wednesday. "If (teams) don't really have any data on how this guy calls a game, even if the system's the exact same, literally if they didn't change a play, it would still throw off teams in the division or teams that have played against them ... strictly based upon the fact that (this is a) guy they've never gone against.

"Just having a change is going to benefit you early," Romo said. "Now as the season progresses, now there is tape, now there's data, there's analysis, now you have everything as far as the numbers on third down, red zone, the key plays. That's when you'll find out really how good that actual play caller is." 

Dallas elected to move on from offensive coordinator Scott Linehan in the offseason after four years with the team and turned over the reigns to Moore. 

Ben and Skin talked about Romo's comments in the video above.