Vander Esch Says Cowboys Are Working On Creating More Turnovers In Practice Under Mike Nolan

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch joined the GBag Nation on Wednesday afternoon. 
Here are some of the highlights:
On moving to middle linebacker: 

"I'm just going to do whatever the coaches ask me, honestly. They give you reasons and everything, and that point you gotta trust what they have to say and the moves they are making because they're doing it for a reason. Like I said in the past, in this day and age the Mike (linebacker position) and the Will (linebacker position) are the same thing as far as techniques, but one just gets pulled out of the box more than the other. But as far as the X's and O's, they are essentially the same thing." 

On how they'll get more turnovers this season:

"I think we practice it more now. We have a designated period in practice every day where we're practicing turnovers. Every type of turnover there is. We've gone over punching, raking, hammers, tackling and punching at the same time. We've gone over so many things already and we'll continue to keep doing that every single day in practice because it matters. And if you don't practice it, and have a designated period in practice for it, it's not going to be on your mind. Some of it has to do with scheme but it's really just your mindset."

Listen to the entire interview below: